What you can and can not bring. information for documentation and boarding.


Some liquids are allowed once again through airport security check points. There are however, restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through:
Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers each of which with a capacity not greater than 100ml.

These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 lt. in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids.

The bag must be presented for examination at the airport security point.

Remember that 'Liquids' includes:

All drinks, including water, soup, syrups, creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc.
Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants, Pastes, including toothpastes, Gels, including hair and shower gel. Any other solutions and items of similar consistency.

 Notice: Allowed items. Baby formula, maternal milk, baby juice (if travelling with child). Medications including insulin with the correspondent prescription.
Passengers on international flights may purchase at the Duty Free shop. Items will be handed at boarding gate by the Duty Free personnel. Items purchased at regular stores will be handed at the shop.
These security measures are to reinforce regulations of the International Civil Aeronautic Act of August 10, 2006. 


Luggage weight per passenger:
Domestic bounds: 25 Kg.
International bounds: 30 Kg.
Notice: If weight should exceed the luggage allowance, passenger will pay the standard excess luggage.
Carry on bags size:
Hand luggage will not need to document according to these specifications: 45cm long, 35cm wide, 20cm deep
Notice: These bags must be checked thoroughly at checkpoints. We strongly advise passengers to consult "Forbidden items on board and waiting areas".
Boarding timing: 45 minutes at boarding gates before taken off.


SJD Airport Authority Information

Operator: Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico
Type: Public
Headquarters Address
Carretera Transpenínsular, s/n km 43.5
Zip. 23420, Municipio de Los Cabos, B.C.S. México.
Phones From USA & Canada
*Country Code: 52 - Mexico
*Area Code: 624 - Los Cabos
011 52 624 146 5111 /12 / 13
011 52 624 146 5200 /06 / 07 / 08
From Mexico (Dial 01 instead of 011 52)
Website: http://www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx

Airport Codes:
Current Date / Time (xxxxxx)
Time Zone: -7:00 from GMT (UTC)
Airport Localization:
*Latitude = 23.166668; 23.166668 ( North 23° 10' 0" ).
* Longitude = -109.7; -109.7 ( West 109° 41' 59" )

SJD the fifth most important airport in Mexico located at San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico serviced 1,902,303 passengers for 2004.

The airport serves Los Cabos area: San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. This airport has three terminal with 4 concourses.

CSL Airport Authority Information

Operator: Cabo San Lucas International Airport
Type: Private
Headquarters Address
Leona Vicario s/n, Col. Mesa Colorada
Zip. 23400, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. México.
Phones From USA & Canada
*Country Code: 52 - Mexico
*Area Code: 624 - Los Cabos
011 52  624 124 5500 (Airport)
011 52  624 143 0120
From Mexico (Dial 01 instead of 011 52)
Website: http://www.acsl.com.mx
e-mail: ops@acsl.com.mx

Airport Codes:

Time Zone: -7:00 from GMT (UTC)
Airport Localization:
*Latitude =  North 22° 56' 53.9"
* Longitude = West 109° 56' 17.9")

The airport serves Los Cabos area: San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Los Cabos airport (SJC) FAQ

A:It all depends if your flight is local or international, for local flights you have to be there at least 1 hour 20 minutes before your flight, but if you have an international flight, you have to be there two hours prior.
A:The distance betwen Los Cabos airport and Cabo San Lucas is of 30 miles, about 35 minutes.
A:The distance between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is of 30 miles.
A:It is not permitted, but you can go outside of the building.
A:between five to ten minutes, lines are usually not long, but there are exceptions in high season.
A:Any company that offers their services is usually a licenced transportation company, but by law you have to book in advance at least 24 hours, or you will only be able to grab a taxi or a shuttle and they will always be more expensive than any other company, there is a law in Mexico where you have to book transportation before you arrive to Mexico and the Taxis at the airport usually take advantage of this, so please book in advance and you will get a better deal with any other company, but at Nice Ride cabo we have basically the best deals around.
A:• Aeromexico ----------- AM • Air Canada ------------ AC • Alaska airlines -------- AS • American airlines ---- AA • Continental airlines - CO • Delta airlines ---------- DL • Frontier airlines ------- F9 • Interjet ------------------ IJ • Mesa airlines ---------- YV • Sun country airlines - SY • US airways ----------- US • United airlines -------- UA • Virgin America -------- VX • Vivaerobus ------------- VI • Volaris ------------------VO • WestJet airlines ------- WS • Charters and private flights.
A:Yes, its terminal number two and its right next to the international airport, there is also another aiport on the other side of town but it's a small airport and its basically for private airplanes, and the airport is very close to Cabo San Lucas.
A:It vary according the season, but it goes from around 10 to 20 flights daily.
A:The earliest flight takes off at 6:40 and may change depending on airline, destination and season, the airport closes at night, this airport does not stay open all day.
A:In Los Cabos there are two airports. One in San Jose del Cabo and other in Cabo San Lucas, this last one is basically for private airplanes.
A:It depends of what kind is your flight: if it is a local flight, you have to be there at least one hour before, but if your flight is an international flight, you have to be there two hours before.
A:It is a federal airport, so it's a hundred percent secure.
A:You will have to get a Taxi at a higher price or you can call us at Nice Ride cabo and get a luxury vehicle for a lower price, your choice. A Taxi will always be more expensive, it does not matter who you book, private transportation companies will always have a better deal.
A:After you clear customs walk past all the Time Share people towards the exit, please don´t stop to speak with them. As you exit the airport building through the slide door on the right, you will see your driver holding a sign with Nice Ride Cabo logo on it.
A:Yes, there is a Wi-Fi connection.
A:Only the permited by all international airports, please verify with authorities of Los cabos international airport for more details.
A:Yes you can, there are some special stores inside the airport.
A:Yes there are a plenty of options to choose from.