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Whether you choose transportation for a business trip, a special event or a wedding transfer, we know your event will be a memorable occasion, and come back to us next time.

airport transfers are done as soon as you´re ready, going straight to your hotel or transfers from one hotel to another, to go fishing, golfing, dine around, to rehearsal dinner or wedding ceremony and reception. Ask for special group rates.

Los Cabos Airport

Los Cabos international Airport is Located close to San Jose del Cabo and 35 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. Our offices are ready to assist you close to the Airport, and is a big factor on our very low rates,, the lowest in town.

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Our specially trained drivers provide a safe, dependable, on time service satisfying all your travel needs. We enjoy taking care of our customers. Our success depends on your "satisfaction".
We provide transportation services in Los Cabos area, from San Jose del Cabo, The Touristic Corridor and Cabo San Lucas.

If you do not find your Hotel or Villa in our list, be sure we can take you there too. Surrounding areas like Puerto Los Cabos, Todos Santos, La Paz, Buena Vista, Los Barriles, Cabo Pulmo and the Pacific Side are available under request in Private One Way or Round Trip services.

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At Nice Ride Cabo, our goal is to provide you with transportation services that define luxury, style, and safety. Because we care about our clients, we take great pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Los Cabos is located 1,000 miles south of San Diego in the state of Baja California Sur, south of the Tropic of Cancer. Los Cabos refers to the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, stretching east toward La Paz and north to Todos Santos.




Subtropical desert. During the summer, highs can be in the 90s F with occasional showers. Winter evenings may drop to the 60s, with daytime highs near 80.


Spanish is the official language, but English is widely spoken by those employed in tourism.

What time zone is Los Cabos in and does the time change with daylight savings time?

Los Cabos and Baja California Sur are located within the Mountain Standard Time, which is one hour later than Pacific Standard Time. The time changes here whenever Daylight Savings Time changes.

Weather and Climate - What is the weather like?

Average annual rainfall: 10 inches - Coldest months: December and January
Storm season: July to October - Average water temperature: 72º F.
Average air temperatures: 50 to 80º F. winter; 70 to 100º F. summer.
The Pacific Ocean side of Los Cabos is generally 10º F. cooler than the Sea of Cortés.

The average year-round temperature is 78F. During the high tourist season, October to April, the temperature is typically 80F during the day and cools to the 60's at night. In the low season, May to September, the temperature will go up to 100+F during the day and stay in the upper 70's and low 80's in the evening. The average year-round water temperature in the Sea of Cortez is 72F. During the summer months the water temperature can reach the mid 80's. The climate is arid with over 300 days of sunshine, with some reports of over 350 days. Average annual rainfall is 10 inches

What is the legal drinking age in Mexico?

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18 years of age. Please be careful, as over indulging is quite common and generally leads to trouble. Drinking Alcohol in Public - while this is tolerated to an extent, it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages on the street, in vehicles, at the beach and other public places. It is an offense to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drinking Water

Major hotels and restaurants have purified water. Water comes from surrounding mountains, filtered through natural sand beds. Many resorts desalinate and purify their own water on property.

Will I be able to get cash from the banks with my credit cards?

All of the banks will give cash advances, most have ATM machines at their locations, for after hours cash.

Banks and Currency

All major Mexican national banks are represented. For convenience, many locations have ATM machines that accept U.S. bank cards in the same manner as they do in the U.S., although transaction fees may be higher (around $3). ATMs dispense Mexican pesos, the official unit of currency. Although recommended, it is not necessary to exchange your dollars since the dollar (not coins) and traveler's checks are widely accepted.

When using credit cards, the total on your statement will be reflected in pesos at the exchange rate posted that day. Credit cards are welcome at most major restaurants and hotels. Banks are usually open weekdays from 8am to 7pm. The Baja California Peninsula has an 11 percent federal tax.

Credit Cards - will I be able to use credit cards?

All major credit cards are accepted in Los Cabos and in Mexico - VISA and MasterCard are the most widely accepted. American Express is accepted in some stores and restaurants, but VISA and MasterCard are preferred. The Discover Card is not yet accepted. It is suggested that you ask the merchant, in advance, which credit cards are accepted.

Where are the United States Consular Agency and Canada consulate located?

United States of America Consular Agency - Tijuana – January 16, 2009. The U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana announces the appointment of Trina Brown as the U.S. Consular Agent in Cabo San Lucas. Ms. Brown will assume duties at the Consular Agency in Cabo San Lucas beginning January 26, 2009. Location: Blvd. Marina, Local C-4, Plaza Nautica, Colonia Centro, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. The telephone number is 52-624-143-3566. The Consular Agency's normal working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., except Mexican and American holidays. E-mail:

Canada Consulate - Ms. Peggy Dillman, Representative, #9 Plaza Jose Green (Banamex), Boulevard Mijares, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Telephone: (624) 142-4333 | Fax: (624) 142-4262.


120 cycles/60 volts, the same as in the United States.

Communications (phone calls)

International communication is easy, but costly. Hotels impose a surcharge on calls made from the room. Your best bet may be to call collect or use a calling card. Local phone cards can save you money. The area is compatible for cellular phone usage as well. Major hotels are equipped with fax machines, though not all have hookups for personal computers/modems.
Many hotels have broadband Internet or Wi-Fi in guest rooms or public areas. You'll also find a growing number of Internet cafés in the area. Ondanet Internet Café in Cabo San Lucas (across from Pemex gas station) has state –of-the-art computers and charges an inexpensive $4 an hour (plus you can sip refreshing margaritas while e-mailing). In San Jose, look for the office supply store across from the town plaza.

  • To call the U.S. from your U.S. cell phone, dial 00 + 1 + area code + telephone number.
  • To call locally to land lines, just dial the seven-digit number.
  • To call locally to local cell phones (within the same area code), dial 044 + area code + telephone number.
To call Mexico outside of Los Cabos, dial 01 + area code + phone number.

Los Cabos Hotels transportation.

1.- Q:

Dreams hotel transportation from Los Cabos airport

A: Nice Ride Cabo provides private and shuttle transfers to and from Airport -Dreams – Airport, we frequently do transfers to this hotel.
2.- Q:

Best rates for transfers in Cabo hotel area

A: Nice Ride Cabo provides the best rates in town and surrounding areas.
3.- Q:

RIU hotel Los Cabos transfers from airport

A: Private transportation is always the best deal, newer vehicles, more presentable and always smelling nice, at Nice Ride Cabo, we can schedule all your needs under one roof. A taxi will always be more expensive and the drivers will not always be knowledgeable with the english language. With nice ride cabo, you can be sure that we will have the space for your clubs and more than enough space for all passengers.
4.- Q:

Booking transportation from Los Cabos airport

A: Is recommended to book in advance to make sure your vehicle will be ready at your arrival or you can hire a taxi, for a higher rate (older vehicles and drivers that doesn't speak English)
5.- Q:

Transportation for: The Westin, Hilton Los Cabos, Fiesta Americana Grand Hotel Los Cabos, Cabo del Sol country club house

A: At Nice Ride Cabo we can take care of your transfer to and from The Westin, Hilton Los Cabos, Fiesta Americana, Grand Hotel Los Cabos, Cabo del Sol country club house in SUV, Van, large Van and bus in private service according to the number of passengers.

If you have a question or requirement that has not been address in our FAQs, please contact us.